Mutilate language speak family kid

My way to teach Aurora Chinese is everything need repeat 3 times and speak loud to her Aurora is 8 month old. i start teach her Chinese since she is born but never had any rules and times t teach until one day i found:

as my parent are living very far away China, and Aurora still have no change meet them yet. so i think its very important teach what is grandpa in Chinese (Wai gong),  our hall way wall have alot of photos, and of course my dad’s photo is there. everyday if i have time she will definitely come to the wall and i will must read loud and repeat 3 times “wai gong .wai gong . wai gong ” to her

as we repeat everyday gradually if i say : Aurora where is  “wai gong ” she will run fast and hold my hands walk towards hall way to see my dad’s photo. i see this is a great news and i know baby are powerful. they will learn everything if you teach them, here is after 4 weeks trying :

Your 9 month baby is POWERFUL

We are trying to teach Aurora learning 3 – 5 object everyday from home, after 4 weeks of trying she already can recognize :

Fruit: Banana, Orange, Apple, Grapes
Kitchen object: Bowl, Plate, Sauce pan, Cup,Kettle, microwave, Fridge

Hall way and entrance : Door, shoes, Dad and me photo, Cousin and me photo, Gran photo, fish
Bathroom: Towel, Toilet paper,Toilet set, tooth brush, tooth paste. water tap, wash hand in Chinese language
Lounge: Table, chair,
Toys: Kitty, dog, rabbet
others: red book in Chinese language , Tree

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