what should 10 month baby know

Every baby is different, let’s see what Aurora know

Aurora just 10 month old now, s far i can see. Aurora is very healthy and happy. other one very important things is she eat very well. not only eat the food i cooked and she eat by her self. she like touch and crumbing the food then stick to her’s month.



Eat by her self

Sleep in her own room

Dance when music start, move head and wave hands

Object: she can recognize 95% of the object at our home. such as fridge, Washing machine, toothbrush.stairs

Math: she also can recognize 1 – 9

Pictures: she know where is gran and my Chinese dad’s photo

Book: she love read book, and open them. every time when we close the book case she will very excited

Read:  if we show her a flash card~shoes~ but without say it, she will hold my hands to where is she shoes, radio. chair. table. clock

Baby part: if i ask where is your head,  she will respond me touch her head,  clap..finger, belly. foot,  high five

continue ………


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