Montessori Tasting Bottles

IMG_2333_副本 光影魔术手拼图e IMG_2335_副本

Montessori Tasting Bottles

Want use the tasting bottle with aurora ages ago, finally we tried yesterday and it works out very good
i used salt, sugar, chilli powder, pepper 4 different test, i try them first make sure its not very strong for her, i have tested her by end of the day and she can tell me exactly the 4 different test, next time we will try vinegar and other cooking materiel

This set of 4 pairs of bottles with dropper lids on a wooden stand refines a child’s gustatory sense.

Each pair of bottles (one with a white top and one with a black top) can be filled with the basic tastes of sweet, sour, salt and bitter. The child has to find the matching pairs by carefully tasting the different contents.

This is an activity that should be supervised by an adult.

ELG: Investigate objects and materials by using all of their senses as appropriate.

email me for more information
Aurora 2岁了

工具: 餐巾纸, 调羹,糖,盐,辣椒粉,胡椒粉,垫子,水



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