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幻想,假设,小撒谎的时代: 欧若拉三岁不到,最近开始不管什么东西都能编出故事来,今天头一次瞒着我尿裤子不说自己去洗手间,还说:you are not coming, you are not allowed see me, , 桌子下面的空间变成了医院,爸爸的皮带变成了狗链子,牵着到处走,盒子里面是蒙特梭利beads

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关于自己 About yourself answer in Chinese


About yourself in Chinese: want teach Aurora how anwer about herself in Chinese, aim to complete in 4 weeks

Here is the questions:

What’s your name?

How old are you?

where are you from?

where is your daddy from?

where is your mummy from?

What is your mummy contact number?


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Flower Growing Part 1: Planting Seeds

Gardens are so important for children. Its a place where they can play safely and securely on their own and where they get to discover Nature on their own terms.

Aurora takes great pleasure in watering the plants, pretending to mow the lawn, digging, chasing butterflies, watching bees and birds and joining in all garden activities. Last year she helped collect the seeds from some of our flowers. This year she has planted some of them. Lets see how many grow! Plant boxes are recycled from fruit juice bottles. M is for marigold. ? is for, erm – we don’t know!

Watering new seeds

Seeds planted and ready to grow

Kids version keyboard

IMG_2297_副本 IMG_2314_副本 IMG_2306_副本 IMG_2302_副本

Alan bought this for Aurora’s 2 year birthday gift, seem like everything we buy for Aurora are educational , this is a great toy for kids, fun and writing in same time. early introduce them to typing and know where are all the letters position on the keyboard, the key fact is on the keyboard no windows button ,

My baby can read! – aurora 19th months old

wordpress big photo3


She just read the 7 words for us before she go to bed.

Some of the  words she can pick up and remember in one day. Some new works takes time.  Most words appeared on hers book. Flash cards .brillkids before.
Learning Chinese is harder.  She can read 5 Englishe words in three or five days. But Chinese maybe took double of the time

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Magic White board



Magic White board

We bought this ages ago. Using for stick on fridge write notes on it. Alan also  use it for work.

Now mainly using it for aurora. Great for when you on travel.

Easy use
Make sure you have a mark pen with you. To wipe it you only need a tissue paper

Where to buy( ebay. Agos. Place to buy office use )

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Little library on Travel – Southampton



IMG_0071_副本 IMG_0052_副本 IMG_0051_副本 IMG_0049_副本  IMG_0035_副本 IMG_0031_副本


Little library on Travel  –  (Southampton)

Teaching toddler is hard, even harder when you on travel,

everything is new, the environment, the people. the room where you stay,  it all so exciting for kids,

some times the hotel room are small so is more difficult.

So this time we pushed our self and picked up a cardboard box especially for Auroras to study,

Things in the Box:

story books

Learning read Chinese books

Pinyin book

water color Painting set

bangbo set with tray

crayon and other pens

plastic paper for stick on wall

Flash card for learning numbers

Doman flash cards x5(for  Chinese words)

Doman flash cards x5 (for learning Pinyin)

Again let me introduce this place where we stayed this time:

Elizabeth house hotel is not too big, run by a lovely family , the owner work between 7 -11pm,  the house looks not big but the family room where we stayed are quiet big,  breakfast are freshly cooked , the stuff are very fast and get things done for us,  free parking and wifi, 15 mins walk to town, close to a big big nice park again…….