Flower Growing Part 4: Snails

All that lives dies, through age or an accident cutting life short. For some, life is a battle to stay alive, of finding food to eat or fending off those that wish to eat them. All of us kill in some shape or form – it is part of the circle of life. Whether its killing the potato by digging it up, slaughtering a cow for its meat, or breathing in microbes that our immune system destroys lest they take hold and kill us. Many adults are unaware of how much death is around them each hour they live. For a child learning these things, understanding and excepting them are important parts of understanding life as a whole. The place we start is in the garden, where life comes and goes with each season.

The marigolds have gained life and are growing, and last night the snails found one and tried very hard to eat it too. Tonight they will complete their feast. First order of the day – find the snails and move them on.

IMAG0625 - Copy
IMAG0614 cropIMAG0618 crop

Next job: replant the marigold and back to the greenhouse to recuperate (and take sad face photo).

IMAG0626 - CopyIMAG0628 - Copy


Flower Growing Part 1: Planting Seeds

Gardens are so important for children. Its a place where they can play safely and securely on their own and where they get to discover Nature on their own terms.

Aurora takes great pleasure in watering the plants, pretending to mow the lawn, digging, chasing butterflies, watching bees and birds and joining in all garden activities. Last year she helped collect the seeds from some of our flowers. This year she has planted some of them. Lets see how many grow! Plant boxes are recycled from fruit juice bottles. M is for marigold. ? is for, erm – we don’t know!

Watering new seeds

Seeds planted and ready to grow